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Our Story

More than 30 years have passed since we first applied
our Knowledge & Engineering Experience in Design & Manufacturing of Steel Products, Providing Solutions for CNC Robotic in  Manufacturing Automation Environment.
We have since, Constantly Evolved to Provide Various Engineered Solutions using Advanced Composites and 3D Automation.

When Clients began designing more savvy Architectural Products, the limitations in carbon steel became apparent. Many years back, our engineers had the opportunity to provide manufacturing solutions for the unique Decorative Light Poles seen here on the left, they then, realized that Engineers and Designers were getting Bolder in their Creativity for Engineered Art Solutions. However, the Manufacturing sector was lagging behind and could not fabricate these design ideas effectively, safe or efficiently.

Architects, Engineers and Designers have been demanding for more Organic Structure Solutions, while maintaining Strict Compliance to Engineered Parameters and has stretched the limits of what traditional materials such as Carbon Steel, amongst others, can provide.

With Advanced Composites coupled with new 3D machinery and new Mold Production Processes, new solutions have been made available and are now feeding this new, and hungry era in

3D Fluid Organic Architecture Scenes. 

SIFT CENTER provides solutions to narrow the Gap between State-of-the-Art Concept Designs and the Manufacturing industry, towards more Organic, Fluid Structure solutions, using Advanced Composites.

SIFT CENTER comfortably fills this Gap because each time a new design concept comes up, our engineers are able to quickly recognize the key issues that limits the production process, and then taylor-engineer a unique solution for it. With our in-house capability to develop CNC machinery and Automation Processes, coupled with deep knowledge in Composite Plug and Mold Production, we are confident to provide a quick turnaround solutions for the Composite Industry, be it in, Architecture, Automotive, Rail, Marine or Industrial products. 

In addition to the In-house Engineering Machinery and Process solutions capability,

SIFT CENTER with key support partners from Advanced Material Producers, are able to custom engineer solutions that are in-line with the clients objectives and expectations.

As Architects and Engineers demand more and more Bold solutions in their designs

(such as that depicted on the left),

SIFT CENTER eagerly look forward to providing the required engineering support, facility and solutions for the manufacturing sector to bring these designs to reality.

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