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3D CNC Machine Supply and Training for Composite


We design and produce 3D CNC machines for Plug and Mold Productions.

Machines are designed and custom-built to suit individual specific requirements where necessary.

With over 25 years of Machine Design and Build, our expertise and know-how include up to 5 axis CNC Routers, 5 Axis Bevel-Head Plasma Cutter, Servo Hydraulics, Furnace control for Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants and furnace control, Automatic Welding Lines, Resin Infusion Systems, 3D Foam Cutters, and a host of Factory Automation.


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Prototyping and Mold Development

Over the years, SIFT Center, on many occasions, has been engaged to provide guidance and support from Design right through to Prototyping and Mold development.


Most often, styling designers and engineers will need to work hand in hand with us as they move throughout the design phase to understand the suitability of the design can be materialized economically and easily at the commencement of the production phase.

We are more than happy to support you in any of the stages from conceptual ideas up to the specifications, production methods and procurement phase.

With our vast global experience & know-how coupled with strong partnerships from various industries both in supply chain and materials engineering, we welcome your suggestion on how we could support you as your one-stop center for your new product development.


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3D Design & Manufacture of Composite Plugs & Molds  

We have the technical knowledge and ability to design and develop Class A Surface Molds suitable for Multiple Production Pulls for Infusion / LRTM, etc.

Sizes of Molds can range from small hand sized objects up to large Boat Hull and Decks.

We have the options to provide 3D design only, or Plug solutions only, or up till production molds.

Advanced Composite Part or Component fabrication are also possible. 

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CAM CAD Solutions


Often, many manufacturing centers has good, strong capability to Create Designs from Concept via CAD. With good and reliable CNC machines, both the CAD and CNC machine would need a very sound CAM solution system to function as a system on a whole to successfully produce the finished part efficiently.

More often, the weak link in the production system is the CAM section, which usually rely heavily on the CAM Engineer or Operator, ie more people dependent. When CAM Operator leaves the company, many a times, they take the knowledge and experience away with them, and the company would be in dire-straits for a suitable replacement, looking for a reliable operator with the relevant CAM knowledge, and in line with the company's process and products. Usually, it would be hard to find suitable candidates out in the open field, and the company would suffer a lost in technical knowledge and efficiency.

As Machine Maker and Solution provider, we always look to resolve this critical link between CAD Design and CNC Machining. 

Our CAM solution for the industry comes from Sescoi, with Work NC 5 Axis Automatic CAM, the company will always retain its database knowledge of any complex CAM solutions for each of their projects. With the in-house CAM database retained, the company can automatically apply the Automatic "One-Button-CAM" to any of their newly designed part without having the need for a very strong CAM operator. This safeguards the company's investment on CAD and CNC Equipment, as it will streamline all the necessary machining operations with ease and accuracy.


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Engineering and Styling Design


Should you require complex Engineering Assistance during your Product R & D phase, our Engineering Support Partners are able to provide technical information on Resin Flow Computations, New Laminate Schedules using latest Advanced Composite Materials,

Re-Designing Existing Part to be produced in Composites and FEA analysis.

We also provide solutions to Re-Engineer parts to function better, stiffer and stronger, yet lighter.

Our Engineering Support covers these divisions :

Aviation, Marine, Wind Blades, Automotive & Architecture

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E-Learning : Composite Academy
by Composites Expert 

Available now for Malaysia, Singapore and Japan


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CASTELLO Energy Center

At Castello Energy Center, we strive to provide Systems and Solutions for Renewable Energy.

We have numerous Energy projects within the Castello Group, carrying M&E Solutions, Renewable Energy, Security & Surveillance systems from single installation to large integrated installations for Gated & Guarded Community, and from small to large hotels.

As specialist system integrator For Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) Solar Energy systems, we are proud to boast our expertise in providing the preferred engineered systems for your building and environment, to optimize the efficiency of the installation, increasing your ROI.

Download our Brochure here.

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